I set up Anna Hart Creative because I saw the need for affordable graphic and web design services that were fast, friendly and reliable. I have always loved designing, and when I set out to design my own professional websites I found out a)  how expensive it can be, b)  how easy it can be with the right platforms and a bit of design flare and c)  how much fun it can be. 

You can absolutely design your website yourself and save a fortune and I encourage you to do it, if you have the time and creative oomph! But if you're not that confident on computers, care more about the figures and content than colours and kerning, or just need a helping hand to make your dream into a reality, I started this company for you!



I have spent years working hard and building a career in heritage and conservation - and whilst it is something I am deeply passionate about, I realised that what I really enjoyed about my job was the creative side and working with people; creating and designing new templates, guidance documents, websites and community engagement tools.


A few years ago, events forced me to reassess my life; cue some deep soul searching. During this time, I read a really good book on finding your 'element', which asked the question 'What makes you forget to eat or go to the loo'*?


My answer to this was, and always has been, creating and communicating - designing and updating websites, creating logos, setting up document templates, developing brands, writing engaging and informative content and above all, communicating with people.

These are the things I loved about my previous roles and I have decided to follow my passion in a way that enables me to share my creative skills and help people. 

*Ken Robinson, Finding your Element (Penguin, 2005)